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  1. Based on a conversation with Tsing Tao, I decided to get up off my ass and actively start working out and improving my diet by shunning “Convenience” foods.

    I will start a initial phase tonight by fasting 24 hours and completing a fifteen mile hike to get my glycogen levels down. Thereafter, my diet will be vegan only, with proteins provided by nuts, beans, and spinach. No meat, eggs, or dairy allowed. My exercise will consist of a minimum 500 calories burned per day. While there will be no calorie restrictions to my diet, I will be limiting the amount of nuts and bean I may eat. Starches will be mostly avoided with an allowance of long grained rice to go with my beans for social considerations.

    I will report my weight, mood, and energy levels weekly and also have ideas of getting blood tests done monthly for documentation.

    The objective for this effort is to improve my appearance and energy levels and to prove a point to Tsing Tao that plant based carbohydrate diets are beneficial for weight loss.
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  2. anything is beneficial for weight loss as long as you consume less calories than you burn. Its called the law of thermodynamics.

    Second, you are going from pure convenience food to one of the hardest "diets" in terms of getting in your essential proteins - which is paramount. I dont see this ending well.

    Nuts are one of the most calorie dense foods out there. So unless you are weighing each portion "limiting" them is subjective. You can still gain weight on a vegan "diet".

    You should watch a Youtuber by the name of Greg Doucette before you go any further. Or someone named Layne Norton aka BioLayne. Either way I recommend them before starting with some ridiculous fast.

    Also, if you havent done shit in a while you wont be burning 500 cal anytime soon unless its hours worth of cardio - which is also unsustainable at your current level.

    anyway, all the best.
  3. Also, if you havent done shit in a while you wont be burning 500 cal anytime soon unless its hours worth of cardio - which is also unsustainable at your current level.

    anyway, all the best.[/QUOTE]

    Hence the long hikes.

    What most don’t appreciate is the fact that satiety goes up for fatty foods when their glyogen levels are reduced.

    In any case, I will be honestly documenting my experience and will not do anything that is likely to risk my health. 500 calories is a six mile walk that can be done in two hours, for example. My diet will be balanced and I know of people who do more than fine living on a similar diet I am about to begin for most of their lives.
  4. No one gets tired of eating fat, cheese, olives, etc. When was the last time you heard someone say "i gorged myself on chicken breast"

    "A six mile walk that can be done in 2 hours." First no, it will take longer than that. Second it isnt sustainable. You will burn yourself out walking 6 miles everyday - especially if you havent done shit in a while. Its about being an effective calorie burner over time. Not trying to cram your lack of exercise over the years into a few sessions.

    You are clueless on weight loss. Protein is the most effective food nutrient, hence it is the most satiating.

    calorie burn is based on the amount of watts you put out. Meaning, if you start out walking for 2 miles and burn 250cal, over time you will be burning more calories at the same mileage. I know a lot of people who have done carnivore that are more than "fine". Thats not an argument .

    Do what you want, its clear you arent about learning, know nothing about weight loss, and think you know it all already. Take care.
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  5. gaussian


    Huh? The average walking speed of a human is 3-4 mph. In two hours you can cover 6 miles unburdened. If you have an audiobook or decent scenery its not too bad.

    Last time I was at the gym.

    You have no idea what efficiency actually is. In the true spirit of efficiency (maximal power gain per unit calorie) carbohydrates are the most effective source of energy. They are not satiating because your body uses them quickly. Glycogen, stored in the liver, is the byproduct of carbohydrate intake. If this wasn't the case marathon runners wouldn't load up on sugar before the race they would eat loads of chicken.

    Protein is the building block. However, it is not the most efficient. In fact, carbohydrates are the most efficient and most effective in terms of energy output per unit calorie consumed.

    This is covered in several books. It's not hidden knowledge. In fact, any personal trainer would tell you this.

    This isn't true at all. Basal metabolic rate is a function of several things one of them being weight. If you are overweight it is, in fact, quite easy to do very little and burn 500 calories. The body tapers off calorie burn as you reach athletic body fat levels. This is why if you're 400 pounds you could literally get off the couch, lift 5 pound weights for 30 minutes, and burn a lot more calories than a person half your size at the same level of fitness.

    Your post is exhausting to read because it's you that have no idea what you're talking about. Go to the gym and pay for a real trainer with real certifications instead of watching shit youtube "fitness experts" and parroting their obviously garbage "science".

    Be careful fasting if you've never done it before. I fast leangains style (16 hour fast, 8 hour feed) and have done this for a long time. You will want to monitor your blood sugar and make sure it's not a water fast. You're going to need electrolytes and stuff like chicken broth in case things start going south. Further, be aware of the keto flu. You'll feel like shit.

    I would not track calories burned. It's not a great measurement. For example, doing heavy powerlifts burns comparatively few calories per hour but the process of rebuilding your muscle consumes calories. It's often a very efficient way to lose weight when mixed with a reasonable amount of cardio.

    Be sure to take proper bodyfat and weight measurements (calipers are fine) and plug them into a BMR calculator. 500 calories per day may be too much for your body to stay within safe tolerances of weight loss.

    Most importantly it's a lot harder to take to swing diets long term. Ease into it. Allow the conveniences within reason. I know several extremely athletic people who eat like garbage a few times a week and maintain elite levels of fitness. Extremes are never useful. Find the middle path.

  6. You dont know a fuckin thing. Watch Greg doucette - someone who knows more than you and me combined.
  7. 500 calories via exercise is not as easy as it sounds unless you going to do something major daily and most cannot unless you are a pro athlete. Far easiert go into 500 calorie deficit then burn it off via cardio every day.
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    Eating extra fiber such as wheat bran can help you lose weight.
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  9. gaussian


    Taking athletic advice from a guy who uses juice is about as useful as taking personal finance classes from a methhead. You are aware juice alters your metabolism right? You are aware that professional bodybuilders are rampant with health and fitness fraud right?

    How about you go roll with some IBJJF medalists and get back to me about what peak fitness looks like. Maybe go speak to a personal trainer too.

    Or whatever. Listen to your juiced up muscle milk models. Your life, not mine.
  10. Just proves you know dick about anything fitness. Taking "juice" gives you a slight edge, but you still have to put in the work. The laws of thermodynamics dont stop applying, fuckin imbecile. Lots of people take juice and look like shit, strawman and appealing to authority fallacy.

    He has a masters in kinesiology - guess juice got him there too fuckwad.
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