Beautiful ES slam-dunk trade

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  1. This was something pretty sweet that I noticed on the S&P Emini (ES) yesterday...

    I took the first two pictures at the close of market yesterday. Notice the beautiful head and shoulders on the 2584 tick chart.


    The target for for me was around 903-905. I don't trade pre-market or hold positions over-night, and I rarely make calls for the next day, but this was just too sweet to pass up.


    Here's the completed picture for today...

  2. What is the indicator on the bottom? If you like to share.

  3. Yeah, I agree with you Chris.

    I called it here real-time. :) :cool:

  4. I see 100 of these pattern set ups a day in the ES. Some work out , some don't.

    Not realistic to cherry pick. And I never go over 2566 ticks, the 2584 tick chart is too 'thick'

  5. You're missing the point.

    Yes, I see h&s all over the place. I wasn't "cherry-picking", just pointing out how clear that pattern was and the result.

    And actually, I use as high as 10,946 tick charts... I don't use them to actually take my trades off of, but they help for longer term trends and areas. I prefer larger tick charts over minute charts.
  6. VinnyB



    I keep flipping from minute to large tick for anchor chart but always go back to time or volume charts. I do use a small tick chart but I like either the volume or time for anchor.

    Just preference or am I missing something more important?

    Thanks again,

  7. Whatever works for you...

    Think of the market as a movie. It doesn't matter if you're using tick or minute charts, it's still the same movie. The only difference is the perspective you're viewing it from.

    For example, minute charts are like watching a movie on a regular screen, where tick charts are like watching 3D or Imax. Same movie, different perspective.

    I'm better at using tick charts than minute charts and a volume indicator... it just flows better for me.

    Good luck,


  8. Beat you by almost 3 hours in the same thread


  9. damn, you guys are competitive... lol

    question is, did you make money from it?
  10. LOL

    Good call (and I bet neither one of us were using tick charts). :D
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