beats trading ....

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  1. forgot what site I cut and paste this from
    also saw an article on this gentleman in NYTimes

    ok ... it has nothing to do with daytrading ...
    but perhaps with how an idea ( edge ) properly
    managed and with luck can still make
    someone a wealthy man

    Brad M. Kelley, 48, grew up in rural Kentucky near the Tennessee border, the son of a farmer who raised cattle, corn, soybeans and tobacco. He reportedly did not finish college.

    According to accounts in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and other papers, Kelley quickly proved himself a shrewd businessman, initially making money in commercial real estate in Kentucky. In 1990 he founded his own tobacco company, Commonwealth Brands.

    The company, which sold discount brands like USA Gold, Bull Durham, Malibu and Montclair, took off after Kelley bought a manufacturing plant from tobacco giant Brown & Williamson in 1996.

    By 2001, when Commonwealth had become the nation's fifth largest cigarette manufacturer, Kelley cashed out for $1 billion.