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Discussion in 'Trading' started by sabena, Mar 18, 2002.

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  1. sabena



    With this I make the announcement that
    1 january of 2003, I will try to beat
    the record of Larry Williams when he turned
    10000,-$ into 1.147.607,-$ in 1987.

    Well, he never came anywhere close to this
    record and he didn't make enough trades
    to exclude the luck factor.

    95 % of my trades will be daytrades. I will
    make so many trades that the luck factor
    can be excluded ; the law of the big numbers.

    I will publish my daily results on my website.
    It will be the broker who will confirm those
    results or Mister Don Bright.
    I still have to make the choice.
    In 2004 I will let audit my results to
    convince all.

    I make the announcement before the performance
    is achieved !
    If you tell me that you will win the lotery
    next week and you win it, then you must known
    something more.......

    So, all of you are invited to follow my
    adventure !
  2. that's not so hard, it's only 50% a month compounded for a year straight, us elitetraders can do that in our sleep, right dudes?
  3. sabena



    If it's not that difficult then first learn
    to count my friend.
    60 % a month is already 109.95 times your
    initially invested after 10 months.....
  4. sabena


    Sorry, my mistake I read 60 % a month....:0))
  5. you read right LOL

    i did an estimate in my head then checked it on my calculator and changed it :D
  6. sabena


    To reach Larry's record, I should do 2 % a day
    and compound my profits.

    I will start out with more than 2 % a day
    and as the capital starts to grow, I will
    have a decrease in % return because of the

    If you only play with one futures contract
    you will always be filled at the best bid or
    ask, but with 100 contracts not....
  7. Take a look at his trading records. Be prepared to do some huge position sizing. He risked > 20% of his account on each trade!!!!

    Robert Tharp
  8. that's not position sizing, that's suicide sizing :D
  9. sabena



    I will risk at most around 2 % on each trade !
  10. moise


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