Beating Larry Williams record II

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  1. Sabena, where are you? You used to hang around all over this thread. We all miss you here.

    Luckily I just stumbled on your most recent post:

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  2. It seems Sabena had already prepared an answer below, some time ago even before asking. A very interesting thread anyway.


    Thread: Can you get "it" back?

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    Since my father passed away, I have lost my drive


    A big reason to break Larry Williams record was probably

    to show my father that I was good in trading; a profession

    that was not taken seriously by an academic like my father.

    Anyway, to all of you, who still have their parents ; Tell

    them that you love them and show it while they are still


    I only had the courage to say it when he was under the


    When somebody who is precious to you, passes away,

    you realize how worthless money is in comparison.

    Time heals the wounds......they say......


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  3. I've known a few people who do that with scary regularity, they have an edge which they exploit almost every day -- the leverage accomplishes the rest (one guy trades 1 NQ contract/1500 capital). Each month they remove the profits and start over, so they stay small and don't compound but enjoy a steady income while limiting overall risk.

    If one has a true edge and solid risk management, one can trade with full leverage w/o fear, and it's all about the leverage in this case.
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  4. Sarcasm aside -- is that 1pt/contract/day before or after commissions? If it's net after commissions, that works out to about 2.5% daily or 63% gain monthly using 2k equity/es contract -- not bad!. If it's before commissions, then 1/pt day doesn't really mean much until you count how many trades/day.

    A trader who needs to avg 10 round trips/day to net 1 pt is barely past break even; someone who can net 1pt/day on 2 or 3 trades a month is indeed a superstar :)
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  5. According to Larry Williams (in Long Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading), :

    "It was so good that I was kicked out of one trading contest because the promoter could not believe the results were accomplished without cheating."

    "But, what would you expect, when no one to my knowledge, had returned in that type of performance ever before in the history of trading. To make matters 'worst', I did it more than once.".

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  6. Hey,

    I always wondered if this thread was a scam or not. OK I myself said that I prepare to challenge the best traders including Larry William because I know that I have an outstanding edge based on my model but if I hadn't I wouldn't dare to do such a challenge, so what edge had Sabena ?
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  7. It seems one of Sabena's edge would be (s)he is able to predict (about 9 months in advance) that the market, starting from Jan 2003, could provide an opportunity of making a 2% profits per day continuously for almost 250 days.

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  8. bubba7


    What is your take on the minimum data a guy might supply to articulate his performance sufficiently. Mostly everyone is falling short either out of not understanding what it takes to compare or because they need to not explain their performance for some limiting reason that makes it kinda poor.

    I know you are pressing candle for a bunch of missing stuff, but that aside, is there a cogent set of data? Or has this been covered long ago and everyone is by passing the standard here in ET.
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  9. Bubba7,

    You really hit the nail on the head. I have read some of your lengthy contributions whenever I had nothing better to do. I must say that I never saw the light though. I simply lacked the motivation to study your materials more thoroughly telling myself: "where is the minimum data bubba7 might supply to articulate his performance sufficiently?" Is it only me who seems to have some problems with the bubba7's, the jack hershey's and other masters?
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  10. You're not alone when it comes to understanding bubba aka hershey.
    I guess one bottle of vodka would help :D
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