Beat TST Combine Via TA with MadeMan aka PrymeTyme

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  1. MadeMan



    as stated i will journal my trades and analysis ,etc.. on this thread

    for today i will only post a PnL screenshot


    will edit this post laterz.... (adding charts and comments , as of why i took a trade.. aswell as why i exit .. and what feelings i was going thru.. during the session... etc....)

    all this and moar ..

    stay tuned

  2. all right, brother! you taking the reigns of the TA brigade here on elitetrader? Good to see, will be watching! surf

    Subscribed and best of luck.
  4. dave5578



    Best of luck.

    Looks like things are moving along, and you haven't blown out. Nice!

    Please post mo@r l0g pr0nz when you get the time.

  5. MadeMan


    little homework...

    we are in a decline or H1 down trend and correction in Daily
    we make series of LL /HL and till Point D and E the reactions
    where stronger then the rallies
    we are now in a possible progress of a change in behaviour ..
    from bearish to bullish

    therefore long positions will be optimal .. and short positions
    should be traded tight and with caution
    and smaller targets ..

    a quick run thru..

    A.) we see that this downswing happens on increasing vol. and
    wide downbars we found support .. and formed a Hinge..

    B.) the hinge we broke out to the upside of teh hinge

    C.) but we failed to gain new ground and price was rejected of
    former support level , this whole move took place on dimnishing
    vol. (buying pressure?)

    D.) after a quick decline yet again on increasing vol and big bars ..
    the selling pressure kinda reduced as seen on teh shortening of
    the downward thrusts and teh declining vol.
    we bottomed out ...

    E.) the current rallie to point E happened on increasing vol. and
    the upbars(1+2 signs of strenght) where wide aswell..,these two
    points point to a possible change in behaviour.. aswell as we
    dont bounce of a possible supplyline (channel) .. ie we are holding
    gains even one of the high vol. bars is at the top ..this could
    indicate absorbtion.. rather then stuffing... as we are still sitting at
    a fromer broken support area and a potential resistance level...

    we might form a range , or the absorbtion progress leads to a breakout to the top.. or we continue teh decline and test the
    lows, i drew in postential setups i will take (shorts/Longs) .. but due to teh recent signs .. i will anticipate long setups and the
    targetsfor teh short setups aswell as teh management of te short positions will be small/quick..


    sorry for teh text format and grammar.. ;)
  6. MadeMan


    Got Butchered Today !

    Got caught up in the market and never found back! trading on tilt ... leads to overtrading /revenge trading .. etc..

    really need to stay focused .. and dont be impatient. and take halfbacked setups.. instead of setups on pre determined locations!

    whateva! ...


    way to pissed and tired to make a recap now!
  7. Did you exceed the daily loss limit? Are commissions included in those listed trades? :confused: :eek:
  8. euclid


    Never traded futures? Neither have I. So, how many weeks of SIM trading did you do to prepare for this combine?
  9. NoDoji


    No problem! If the trade you're about to put on isn't based on your trading rules, just do the opposite. Works like a magic :)

    I once engaged in a 100+ trade revenge-fest with a stock (I would trade just a few times a day back then). I was so shell-shocked that I ended up taking that stock off my list. Quite some time later my husband asked me for a stock to trade where he could lose $1500 rather quickly because he was testing a certain function in an automated system. I gave him the name of my demon stock from hell. He came back 5 minutes later and said, "I tried to lose money trading that thing and I'm up $1500!"


  10. agreed. fyi nodoji is greedy :D
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