....BearTraps for Monday......Lock N Load -CRASH Tested !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Oct 6, 2002.

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    So we are going to dump hard ya ready for the Tank? Well maybe maybe not. It truly doesn't matter as we do trade the momentum of what the market offers.

    At this point , we are well positioned short in our swing shorts. if you have been reading our players, great. If you participated you have nice profit. Spectator sports, thats Nascar!

    We have any sign of market upside in the am, Shorts should cover at least 1/2. Most of the ya have a 3-8 point spread to close them flat, nothing to worry about....

    The next week will be thrilling as the 401k reports go out. quarterly statements should raise the Advil prices in the local stores. Earning surprises, well here we are . I hope your well tuned for this trip.

    New Shorts I watch, again go easy don't plunge in heavy

    KRON: off 24.00

    CCL off 22.75 longer slower player

    theirs alot more but thats fine for now!

    Get your airbags ready!!!! Crash Test here we come!!

    RALLY away Naz! There is a rally btw, downside!!
  2. I am strapping on my crash helmet as we speak.

    Dive, Dive, Dive!!!
  3. Gold_Ric


    Make sure the scuba Tanks are filled!
  4. Today we're finishing up -- Rally in the afternoon.
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  6. plunge protection team to the rescue in the afternoon.
  7. Yep, but only after they get the go-ahead from the Illuminati.
  8. Gold_Ric


    From Easter , santa clause, chicken, earnings, turkey day, snowball, compression....Rallies /////////

    Will someone explain to me what that word means??

    We are down 80% ++ From Naz 5k+ When does that Rally word , umm come in to effect.....
  9. You forgot the 401K and Super Bowl rallies.
  10. nkhoi


    edit: 5MA, 20MA, 60MA
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