Bears stranded?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Jahajee, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Well, that crash did not materialize today. In fact, the markets closed down ONLY about 3.5% after overseas markets fell by over 10% in some cases, and Futures were locked limit down before day session.

    So, is it possible that markets gap up by 40 to 50 SPX points or more on Monday? Could be ... expect Far East and European markets to be up after encouraging performance by US markets today when everyone, except a few, called for a C R A S H !!!!!!!!

    We shall see. Of course, time will tell, about 48 hours from now. Enjoy the weekend.
  2. Down 300 is the new measure of encouraging performance??...LOL! thats funny shit!

    I can't imagine how bullish you'll be if this pig market ever closes green on the day.
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    Hmmm....I didn't know Stock_trad3r had a brother :confused:

  4. After locked limit down by over 6% and media, bears, and so-called experts warning of Armegeddon and Apocalypse, the markets recovered to finish only 3.5%

    Many on these forums were looking at targets under SPX 800, some at SPX 650 today. Why wasn't there panic and 10% down ?
  5. simple...mkt not going to crash on a Friday...more likely at the start of a week, not the end.
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    Other than a minor contraction in volume I don't see anything particularly bullish about today. In fact YM, ES and NQ all printed lower closes for the move so far, on both a daily and weekly basis.