bears rule in this market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cmdtytrdr, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. i told you all to short for the last week, as i was shorting all the way up. but you little guppies like hedgefundtrader2 always buy when the market goes up and panic sell when the market goes down.

    this is not intelligent. you will lose money doing this. let me give you some advice so you can recoup some of your losses: SHORT US STOCKS!!! they will still drop a great deal from here.

    benny will have a new initiative and they'll pop a bit - this is where you short the rally, don't buy and get caught up in media hype.

    ok, thats your lesson for the day guppies. now go out and make some $$
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    good call
  3. sarahs


    every rally is opprtunity to sell
  4. candles


    bear market
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    Let's see, neither QQQQ, SPY, or IWM has printed < unch vs last Friday. So far this week I am quite unimpressed with the bears, especially with the complete lack of selling after yesterday somewhat poor close.
  6. hence the name, bear market.

    For the perma-bulls... the best advice I can offer is, when things are not going your way on the US stock market, go look for other markets that are bullish...

    for example: commodities. or that etf that goes up when the Q's go down. :D
  7. yeah, i'm a bit conflicted here...thinking spoo is rangebound and probably going to grind higher, frustrating all the shorts..
    I see the yen as having possibility of moving lower, but the JY/EC spread looks like it's at the bottom of a channel..
    also, 30 year bonds look like they could fall off a cliff...
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    today it feels like capitulation :D :D