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  1. in the market to get a steady decline.

    It's the only answer.

    Today is just another head fake. Bulls do own the market whoever said it.
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    who gives a you know what

    be a day trader, DAY traders make the market their bitch, every day

    why would you be anything else but a day trader

    the only reason retail trader is sometimes not a day traders is because HE/SHE doesn't know shit.
  3. I am a trader but I'm heavily weighted bearish right now.

    I'm short, long, straddle, etc... I just got too much action on the downside...bulls have fucked me in the goat ass lately.
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    look pump and dump, I can promise you down tomorrow , BUT ONLY FOR tomory
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  6. LOL:D

    Bleb, blah, moo, neh,neh, neh

  7. If you dont think the bears are filled with fear and uncertainty after 4 years of being gangbanged I dont know what more would need to be done.
  8. So is all this London shit, Glasgow gonna strike fear into the markets and tank off temporarily this week?

    I want to say Monday is gonna open down big and recover everything into positive territory.

    I expect bad news out of China tomorrow night also.
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    7/7 2005 was a buy opportunity.
  10. world markets look tipsy,

    if you take the gambling mentality of chinese public, now they just have seen the highs rebuffed twice, this will make them more nervous then before.

    the recent gamblers are looking at losses on paper. And those losses will get worse as time passes, so sellers will just fuel it down as psychological financial pain thresholds are broken.

    a 20% decline or more.
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