Bears: how soon till we re-test the low on the S&P?

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  1. I'm guessing roughly 1.5 weeks, and we'll bust through this time.

    I rarely make calls, but -- short here @ 800 on the S&P, cut losses at 815* and hold the rest with some reasonable money management strategy to 650.

    * If news comes out, don't f around and cut immediately. News meaning some kind of reaction to the GM/Ford thing or some news about the health of bank books.
  2. The whole rally from 6.5k was pure BS!
  3. I sort of enjoy the lol-bot idiocy on the forums, so I feel as if the following is required, as an addendum to my post:

  4. If you are insinuating that what I posted was lol-bot idiocy, then I am very disappointed with you. Off we go, into the wild..
  5. No, I wasn't implying anything about you. :) I was just being a lol-bot idiot for the sake of fun.
  6. I just shorted that last pre-market 800 tick on the pullback. Let's see how this works.
  7. Sliding the stop to 80175 and going to sleep. My friends, continue the selling.
  8. Sliding this down to 797.00, so I don' t wake up with a loss. Entry is short 800.00, loss gets triggered if time and sales ticks 797.25 or higher.
  9. Comfortable with the short-term entry; now I enter swing-trade mode and let this one ride. Leaving stop in the book at 797.25 and going to sleep [for real, this time.]

    Only 1 contract, looking to cover at 676.
  10. Over the last couple hours I shorted at 802 and just a couple minutes ago bought back at around 792.25.

    I like the idea of holding into swing trade mode and I will most likely do the same and re-enter when some key levels break.

    I really don't want the entire financial world to go to shit but...
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