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  1. they are being forced out big time
  2. Another timely call. Glad ya had it.
  3. Good call, but were you in it :)
  4. Are you writing my biography?

    I have made more timely , tradeable calls on ET than any other poster.

    But never get the credit.

    That's good.

    I'd hate to think I was making anyone rich and not getting paid.

    Dude, I never post forex, and here I am, posting right on the cusp of the biggest move in a decade.

    No one is that lucky.

    lol, compare that to the assholes that post 200 trades and cherry pick the 3 winners.
  5. Not unless you're commissioning me to :D

    The reason I asked if you were in it was that a dollar reversal has been widely expected and generally forecast since April, but nothing specific and no detailed entries or exits. It doesn't automatically follow the forecaster was in the trade, unfortunately I wasn't.

    I'm not trying to do you out of any credit you're due, I've already said it was a good call (even though it wasn't specific)

    For some reason all these trading forums are alike when it comes to acknowledging good calls or trading performance, it's the bad calls which most people seem to focus on.
  6. I usually reserve my posted calls to extreme events , or high probability ones.

    I detected extreme stress in the forex markets and posted accordingly. I think the post was as unambiguous as it gets.

    How specific would you have liked it. Maybe if I hacked your account and did the trade for you that would have been it ;-).
  7. bgp


    stock777 are you the one that says everything is OK ? no recession ? my sympathy . stay long too .

  8. Oh I don't know, a pair, with an entry, stop, and target would have been nice. Anyway you were a bit late to the party, the bears had already left the building......a month and 700 pips earlier :D

    No need to hack my account, just deposit the profits please....