Bears come out of hibernation

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  1. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- U.S. stocks face a lengthy lineup of political and corporate events in the coming week that could reinforce -- or derail -- a recent bout of selling some analysts are calling a correction.

    A Federal Reserve rate meeting, President Barack Obama's state of the union address and the possibility that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke won't get his confirmation vote may take center stage.

    Us media is preparing bear trap for wall Street. Good luck with that - media fraudsters.:mad:
  2. When bears come out of hibernation they are very very hungry. They just eat, eat and further eat.
  3. tortoise


    it is curious ...
  4. I've been starving since '08. This move was a welcomed. hell of a lot more money to be made on the short side rather than the slloooow monotony of bullish markets.
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    well, it sure as hell looks like everything's headed into the shitter.

    time to get long again?
  6. Yeah, March 09 through November was pretty slooooow.

  7. Are the Financial Times and Der Speigel aiding and abetting "it" also? :cool:
  8. Financial Times = respectable editors, respectable reports - of course fed by the "City guys"
    Der Spiegel = too much a of a left wing, political magazine