Bears Are Dead Meat

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kicking, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. rumour has it these animals are very dumb

    seeriously why don't you guys stop shorting so we can get a correction FINALLY!
  2. S2007S


    when the correction comes it will be toooo late to notice.


    for instance you go long at dow 12200, dow goes to 12,275 then drops back to 12115...then it jumps to 12217 and you tell yourself i knew my long position was perfect timing. Before you know it the DOW drops to 12085 you add to your long positions, drops again to 11950 and you tell your self its going back to 12200, jumps back to 12,000 then back down to 11904, you add more to your long position then we get one of those triple digit drops to 11725,...but you dont give up you continue to buy on the dips...but soon before you know it the dow is trading at 11350 and your wondering where your gains went in this almighty bullmarket.
  3. dac8555


    i am cash...this is madness. it is not dumb it is confusion.
  4. When you can't beat them, join them. :)
  5. S2007S


    FED minutes tomorrow, im sure this will another positive...

    Thursday is CPI if core is 0.1% or less market will surge again....

    who knows when the profit taking will occur.
  6. It's crunch time for the fund jockies and they are trying to outrun the next guy.
  7. I agree, and sometime in december they are going to sell like crazy.
  8. There are other things that can tell you to get out of the market and be pretty darn accurate. Go with the flow until those other indicators tell you it's time to get out.
  9. S2007S


    I guess when Pres. William Poole speaks markets move one way...UP
    2 words and the markets jump, "about right".

    Investors who were heartened by an earlier report of slowing wholesale inflation were cheered by comments from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President William Poole, who described the Fed's interest rate policy as "about right." Poole, who currently sits on the Fed's policy-making Open Market Committee, reassured a market that has been counting on a steady rate policy for the near future.
  10. john99


    Holy macrol !!!!!!
    I stopped trading at 2:30, right before the explosion.
    Tommorow will be up, more short covering to come.
    looks like we had automated buy programs to the close.
    ER2 new highs. Volatility is back. Tommorow should be interesting.
    Honestly, who's going short tommorow??
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