bears are being unpatriotic

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. It's nuts to try to stabilize a market, you have to learn a lot. :)
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  2. MattF


    as W would say, we'd be supporting the terrorists...:p :D
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  3. No... You didn't <b>read</b> the fine print...

    If you sing the Star Spangled Banner and short like crazy at the same time its all good...

    I think the SP at 1350... sounds very patriotic...

    I am a Yankee Doodle Dandy a Yankee Doodle Do Or Die...

    Please click on the link below and sing along as you short the crap out of this baby...


    <img src="">
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  4. Joab


    I'm Canadian :p :D

    Shorts away :cool:
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  5. Won't be long till you hear the financial channels mumble along these lines, Larry Kudlow will be the first.
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  6. Fed loves it when banks go under, gives them more and more of a monopoly. Has always been that way won't ever change unless the masses hit rock bottom.

    They are trying to soften the mortgage reset blow by taking down yields.
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  7. Yup <b>SHORT FROM 1405<b> and now i am singing...

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  8. gnome


    Bears unpatriotic? They are the MOST patriotic!

    What the market and the USA NEEDS is for "whatever it takes" to (1) get rid of the Fed... (they are the CANCER, not the cure), and (2) spur a Constitutional amendment to prevent the Gummint from deficit spending. (It will take a Constitutional amendment... in '87, the Gramm, Rudman, Hollings act was enacted into law and required a balanced budget.... but when it came to actually doing it, the Congress just chucked it into the trash. The message? "If a law is no fun... Congress doesn't have to obey.")

    Between the Gummint and the Fed, they are on a path to financially destroy the US.. just as the Romans self-destructed.

    If it takes a market crash... or even a DEPRESSION... whatever it takes to rid the US of the Fed... it will be worth it!
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  9. Chood


    (as long as it's tongue in cheek) . . . at this clip, since I've been ahead of this decline since June, it won't be long before I can afford to be a Republican. My next step then would be bigtime rich enough to join the swells in the Hamptons, which would mean I could afford to revert to liberal Dem.

    Onward and upward: if that's not patriotic, I don't know what is.
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  10. Joab



    Interesting perspective

    Personally I don't think the Fed EVER cared a hoot about the market and always stuck to it's mandate concerning money supply.

    Your attitude is rather personal don't you think ???
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