bears are being unpatriotic

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  1. i'm doing my small part to stabalize this market everyday....i like down days and healthy declines - but this is just nuts...........anyone that roots for a decline like this is unpatriotic.
  2. Haha. Let them eat cake!
  3. What if they're not rooting for a down market, but simply taking advantage of the opportunities, which happen to be on the short side right now?
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  5. Is this a joke?

    Are you whining over people cheering for 10% correction???
  6. note to the clueless

    everything i say is a sick joke

    iam not to be taken seriously - ever
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    The role of the markets is neither to enrich or impoverish merely to reflect the prices people are wiling to pay at any given time.

    It is not patriotic to go long neither is it unpatriotic to go short it is what it is, namely a group of indivuduals trying to understand what something is worth in monetary terms.

    A bad market is a market that misprices assets that can be on the upside or the downside nuff said!
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    Reasoning like yours is why the uptick rule was instated way back when. There is nothing unpatriotic about betting against peoples' stupidity. If people were more willing to short prior to today we wouldn't be in this volatile decline today.

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    Maybe you aren't patriotic because you aren't rooting for fair price discovery.
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    Long or short we are all just providing liquidity. Nothing could be more patriotic if you want to view it through that lens. Something unpatriotic about the taxes that shorts will be paying on their gains maybe?

    So which is it chewy, NOTHING you say is to be taken seriously OR EVERYTHING you say is a sick joke? :D
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