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  1. LT701


    it would seem
  2. Naz Comp down nearly 100 pts?

    Can't remember the last time that happened...

    Time for CNBC to drag out Tice and da Bears! :p
  3. Well Kinda...

    Larry Kudlow fainted on CNBC when Goldilocks called the Rape Crisis Hot line...

    <img src="">

  4. Yeah, I love Tice.

    Yeah, shades of 98' in Naz. Too bad the DOW not as big as % loss. Well, there is another hour....
  5. dsq


    intc @ 22.40!!!

    ive been buying/scalping intc every time it makes new lows.

    shorted t at 41.75 covered at 41.34 about 2mins later-easy money....missed shorting ko
  6. Not so fast, first we get some Osama Bin Laden has been captured rumors first.
  7. LT701


    i cant remember the last time i took a 33 point es profit
  8. S2007S


    cant believe how quick INTC fell, Im long SMH under 29.60