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    Title- "Why the US Stock Market Will Crash Tomorrow"

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    Bah sorry I thought the video was gonna be about the market tomorrow.
  2. Ron Paul is of course, correct. Unfortunately (1) this concept is too complex for the average American to accept and understand, so he'll still only vote RepubliClown or DemoCrap, and (2) the Powers often tell us how much we "need" a weaker dollar and how much we will benefit from it. And of course these are all lies... as the status quo wants things to stay just the way they are. It's their license to live it up* at the taxpayer's expense and line their own pockets in one way or another.

    *Who wouldn't want to charge frivolously and have someone else pay the tab?
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    Well put!
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    We need to fix the US economy in the long term; that is we need to protect the dollar. As, when you continue to devalue the dollar, it does nothing good but only bad things for US economy in the long term.
  5. Where can I find charts of the S&P denominated in Euro's, Pounds, or gold?
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  7. great. i didn't even need to become a Member, I was able to get the chart for free :D
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    I dont know why youd want to look at something so depressing :)
  9. Already there are rounds that US economy is going into recession, even Bush has admitted it. Recently, when US stocks crashed, the whole world was affected. But why?

    Why does the US economy has so much effect on other countries economies, despite the fact that Japan is also a leading economy?

    Can someone please clarify as to how different markets affect each other and why?
  10. Consumption in the US has been the leading factor in the world's aggregated demand for many years. Today most countries export a big % of their production to the US.

    If consumer spending in the US goes down, then you can expect exports to decline all over the world. Basically there's too much risk taken on the assumption that the US will do well.

    If problems arise in the US economy, and consumer spending slows for an extended period of time. The nations that depend on US exports will go into an economic slowdown along with the US at first, but as they diversify their exports [basically looking for new markets] they might be able to accelerate their economies again or at least mitigate the effects of the US slowdown.

    many of these countries are already attempting to diversify their exports, to other world powers like Europe, Japan, China, etc... but it's a slow process.
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