"Bearish three inside down" candlestick

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    I'm new to technical analysis with candlesticks and I'm trying to learn with real examples of stocks that I'm monitoring.

    Does a "Bearish three inside down" mean that a reversal is going to happen?

    I'm looking at KONG.


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    Frankly Frank ;
    KONG in lined up more or less with general market ,SPY,ES ;
    good reversal point =5oday moving average area , that was last MAY,2006
    [1year candle chart.]

    Wisdom is profitable to direct;
    as William O Neil teaches,75% of stocks follow general market

    William O Neil books =excellant.
  3. Frankly Frank;
    probably could find a reversal pattern if you wanted to enough,
    3 monthly candles down would be a reversal in most books:cool:

    And most of KONG trends are down, but short or long;
    watch for short covering @$6.00,[ and or 5.00 ,a fibo number.....]

    Interesting , they changed thier name;maybe to rhyme with Hong Kong

    And If ES or SPY,YM,DIA got that low ,[ probably not] , but round numbers principle can be same. Not a prediction.
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    Murray T Turtle,

    Thanks very much, I appreciate the reply.