Bearish Outlook

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    Bearish Outlook

    Morgan Stanley has turned bearish on global equities, saying profit forecasts are overly optimistic given the slump in manufacturing figures. "We see a market too sanguine about what lower bond yields may be suggesting–a worsening growth outlook," its strategists wrote in a note. "Continued deterioration in global PMIs suggests a macro environment with plenty of downside risks." Bloomberg
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  2. Wouldn't it be a hoot if whining Trump got Powell to mash the gas and the market tanked anyway?

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  3. I guess I won't get my AMD short entry this week :-(
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  4. Wait, didn't you suck the dick of the Don just a year ago? Switched camps that quickly?

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    Call him the Donald. Trump tried to trademarked the Donald. The don is more applicable to mafia leaders like John Gotti.
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    Dont knoW; they buying @ 17+ selling it @$33 + $34.If NasdaQQQ did stronger summer rallies+ it seldom does.I was wanting to buy tech early ; but JULY tends to be a loser for long QQQ+ TQQQ pays no dividends:D:D, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  7. %% That happened in 2008 bear; up ticked for about 20 days/rate cut; numbers wise, not that Powell/PresTrump did that.LOL Then the 2008 bear down trended again.

    I was /I am for slapping /stinging Mexico hard with tariffs, teach them to guard BOTH BORDERS even though that would have tanked the market most likely. LOL To many in TX whined .The good news is with SPY selling today= may again buy SPY/ related by end of SEPT . NOT a prediction ,not long TSLA. TSLA pays no dividends/TSLA paid $40,000,000 SEC fine:D:D, :D:D:D:D:D:D
  8. That was the intention

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    I'm surprised TQQQ doesn't pay dividends. You would think a 1-2% dividend at least. Other triple ETFs pay dividends.
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    most likely because TQQQ trends so sharply+ some times sloppy, they may not want you to hold it for dividends. NOT a prediction, not long TSLA..............................................................
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