Bearish Divergence

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cazza La Randa, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Close to a multiweek correction

  2. piezoe


    OK. But which one is going to "correct"?
  3. We've had a bearish divergence since May, so what? The bears are a bunch of no-shows.
  4. If they correct,: both!

    Real test is tomorrow Friday.
  5. What makes Friday so special? Bears typically come in on a Monday.
  6. I can't see any previous divergence in the chart I posted

    Here's another divergence

  7. Draw bunch of lines here and there. Few of them are bound to come correct. Isn't it all about technical analysis?

    Market is ignoring all those divergences for a long time and shorts are being killed everyday.
  8. The SPX will test 1035 (1015) bucks within three weeks
  9. Nice timing eh?:cool: