Bear Winning, up $857 today trading TVIX UVXY SRTY -- go bears (^-^)

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by KCalhoun, May 12, 2020.

  1. KCalhoun

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    nice day, up 857 today successfully trading inverses, I'm holding overnight.

    winning bear, its about fcking time this pos market drops ... yay


    Update: I sold some TVIX SRTY UVXY etc aftermarket to lock in profits, in case they gap against me tomorrow
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  2. KCalhoun

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    loving these

    srty.jpg uvxy.jpg
  3. S2007S


    Only trade i made today was LABD at around $4.52
    Haven't been trading the last 2-3 days as the market was completely dry. This is the volatility we need..hopefully tomorrow there is much more.
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  4. congrats

    I have a question: why do you buy these instead of shorting the future? is it because you can scale in better? (no offense)
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  5. KCalhoun

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    Hi, good question.... I'm not a futures trader, though that's worth considering. I sold some of my inverses yesterday after the bell yesterday and sold much of what's left today premkt, will scale back into inverses if they break out today.

    Hafez thanks re nudge to book short profits early, you were exactly right.
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  6. The advantage would be the possibility to close positions outside the trading hours thats why I was asking
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  7. hafez50


    Perfect example to take that short bacon . I was also in soxs ,spxs and sqqq in my ira . Sold it all scaling out till 7:58 last night . I see today these are down 5-7% from there after hrs highs . These are death to hold . I’ll never regret taking my bacon even if we had fallen hard on open today .
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  8. KCalhoun

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    Good job! I never regret taking profits. I'm finding SOXS SQQQ weakest of inverses since tech and semis are cvid friendly, so not as good as small cap TZA SRTY, finance bear FAZ and VIX etns UVXY TVIX fwiw.

    Great to talk trading with you, thanks -- you know trading.
  9. KCalhoun

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    up $400+ so far, tightened up stops very tight now at 11:45am

    I know it's not a lot, but it beats a day job lol.

    reason for tightening up stops = possible noon pivot, plus they ran, time to book profits if they drop


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  10. KCalhoun

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    took profits on the way up, still in small w tight stops


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