Bear Stew Anyone?

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  1. This is going to get much uglier for the shorts, cover now or get boiled.
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    Right now im noticing the financials aren't running higher with the intraday highs the overall market is making. If we see the financial start making intraday highs then I think we can see a strong rally into the 4pm closing. Other than that if you have profits start taking them.
  3. Whatever that means.

    Are you covering yet?

    Let us know, we can sell you our longs.
  4. "hairdresser."


  5. The financials are issuing stock. Last week they dumped a ton. This week they will do the same.

    Overnight jam sessions let everyone markup the stocks thanks to the futures. We get a gap open then run higher trade sideways to distribute. Wash rinse and repeat.
  6. You dont know anything.

    Market is VERY STRONG. That should be the extent of your analysis.

    Bear tapas anyone?
  7. Last warning, hairdresser. Either post something of substantial analysis or post in chit chat.
  8. He's a wannabe stocktrad3r. No skin in the game, but likes to get attention.
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    Thanks for confirming my short

    Oh yea........

  10. This fag must be stock_turder.

    The perfect fade of all time. :D
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