Bear Stearns is the first of many to come!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Khaled187, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. They are definitely not the only ones that will go down under. Best guesses on who's gonna be shot down first?
  2. Citi?
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    I think WM or UBS....
  4. Wouldnt it be just wonderful if it was GS. Please God make it GS, please God.
  5. Maybe you are right. But I wonder why do they care and spend money to buy them. FED is reacting not based on inflation/deflation but based on who is going under. Not even in the old Soviet Union would government care if a company went down. What is going on? Don't they send the message that whatever investment bankers do someone will come to rescue?

  6. They are probably already under. It is all about the art of the cover. He who does not know how to hide goes down first.
  7. LOL I think the worse is over. THe dow is only down a whole

    With the exception of financial and retail stocks are doing very well. We're in a global economic boom. Bear stearns is just a drop in the bucket.
  8. Bill,

    let me tell you why they care. They are afraid of the domino effect. They knew BSC was going down under, so to leave it go bankrupt would mean that others will tumble just as fast as pieces of a domino. So they are trying to save it. Let me tell you, its a vain attempt. What the fed did, was just delaying the tumble of others. IT will happen no matter what. Wether it takes days or weeks or even months, it is going to happen. The fed is just being annoying by trying to delay the inevitable.

    Anyways, its a good thing. time for a better system to be put in place. Time for new blood, and hopefully less crookedness.
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    i gotta agree with khaled....Citi, then etrade, rating agency's, and the whole american empire with it.
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    call me a sociopath or whatever, but

    i really do hope the market goes lower. like really really really really really really low.
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