Bear Stearns Fund Collapse Sends Shockwave Through CDO Market

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  1. There wil be a repricing of these securities which will hurt but there wont be the widespread carnage you are looking for.
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    i posted previously wondering who was actually holding this stuff, now we are finding out.
  3. Can you explain in more detail?

    Who are you, stock_turder with that answer?

  4. Sorry Sissy Puddle but why would I bother explaining to a guy who paper trades only with play money (your words).

    Has school broken up for summer yet? How is your GPA?
  5. You didn't understand either...sad that you morons don't have enough money to consider that some can be "played"

    I don't go to school although I'm young enough to. But why go when you have so much money? :D

    When you ask a question as in your first sentence, it's customary to use a question mark. I could teach in the backwoods where you grew up I'm sure.

    So why don't you answer the original question now?
  6. You mean this kind of "repricing" ? :

    Credit-default swaps based on 10 million euros ($13 million) of debt included in the iTraxx Crossover Series 7 Index of 50 European companies jumped as much as 16,000 euros to 216,000 euros, the biggest one-day rise in three months, according to Deutsche Bank AG. The CDX Crossover index in New York surged as much as $10,000 to a nine-month high of $178,000.

    The LCDX index of credit-default swaps on high-yield, high- risk loans fell for a ninth day, dropping 1.19 to 98.08, signaling a deterioration in the perception of the creditworthiness of the 100 U.S. borrowers included in the index. The LCDX is down 2.55 since May 22, when 13 Wall Street banks began offering the five-year contracts in the privately negotiated over-the-counter market.
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    And they said that it was all well contained in this area. What FOOLS!!!
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