Bear Stearns Bailed out.

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  1. "Bear Stearns Bails Out Fund With Big Loan"

    Puts off a serious sell off for a few more months.

    looking for a serious rally next week

  2. How many other funds need a big loan?
    Will they get one?
  3. What was the collateral for the loan?
  4. This Bear Stearns prob as I have been saying for the past week on here was never likely to amount to much it has been overhyped by the news wires that is all.
  5. You are certainly right on your assumption. But what does it mean for the rest of the mortgage "community" ?

    => Cheyne Capital Fund Loses Net 67.7 Million Euros
  6. I have never said there will not be serious fallout in this part of the CDO world but what I have stated repeatedly is that this will only be a correction not an end of the world situation like many of the Doommongers on here keep banging on about.

    One thing I would like a perspective on is the comparison between the potential downside in the subprime market and the fallout from the S&L debarcle in the 80's. I cant remember the amount of money lost but I am sure it was much greater in real terms than what is going on at the moment. Such a comparison may give many here a reality check.

    The S&L crisis hit right across the board unlike the subprime that seems contained(at the moment)
  7. You mean the Charles Keating = Charles "Cheating" crisis ? :D :D :D
  8. Yes but he was a minor player in the great swindle. It may have been organised crimes finest hour at the expense of the American tax payer.