Bear protection team

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  1. out in force tonight milking the futures lower. Yeah, you have heard of the PPT team but I have made up the Bear team.

    We will hold the line till the open, put more fear into the C problems. Buy the fear at the open and sell the rally.

    Intel will make things all better tomorrow after the bell.:D
  2. "slip sliding" and now "milking"? Come on, man, just say "jamming". :)
  3. I try to mix it up. Someone didn't like jamming. I'll only use jamming term with +75 Dow futures or more down.

    Maybe we'll leave the milking term for when I want it higher.:D

    Come on, I need fresh shoes to drop!
  4. BPT is hitting those futures pretty hard.

    Bush may have to conven the plunge protection team yet again.
  5. BPT has took their 3AM break. PPT is trying to fight it in the mean time.

    I plan on waking up in a few hours and hopefully a little more of a fade. If all goes to plan, half of todays gains will be pissed away by the opening bell.

    I can here C being pumped in the media already.

    Don't worry you Cramer and Kudlow lovers, goldilox will be back! Just let the bear do his job today.
  6. Goldilox was found raped and tortured today, left for dead outside the NYSE.
  7. With the CPI tomorrow, Housing Starts thursday and Consumer Confidence Friday, the news isn't likely to get better soon.

    this could be a big down week.
  8. BPT team have done a good job today. They can grab the bulls by the horns today and rip them to shit in the final hour.

    PPT is no where to be found.

    Probably should cover in last 10 minutes if still short and by at or near session lows for a sucker rally tomorrow.
  9. The PPT members were abducted by aliens. The entire operation was orchestrated by the far left group known as "The USA Liberation Front" who have ties with the high-ranking members of the US government.
  10. Your stupid BPT has crossed the line.
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