Bear Market Rally, you game?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ttowntrader, Mar 6, 2009.

Is a bear market rally likely?

  1. Time to cover and go long

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  2. S&P 650 before 750

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  3. I hope so, another short oportunity

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  4. Stock market is game over

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  1. No way trying to discredit "GetTheHellOut" parts 1,2,3, and 4 but let's stop relax and get ready for a good ol bear market rally.

    Calling S&P back to 695 tomorrow. Rally has legs next week to 735.

    There's some fundamentals of why this will be happening. Let's start a list, I'll get it started...

    1. Some flocked to treasuries, but long term notes have not been able to breach this level for over a month
    2. USD stalling
    3. China net supply imports have increased despite exports declines.
    4. Oil firming up
    5. Shippers ready to rally
    6. Congress to change accounting rules for banks
    7. Oddball reasons.. Just went to the circus and hundreds of people forking over $10 dollars for 1 min elephant rides, $10 to get a photo next to a bear.... what recession??

  2. After an extended break from elitetrader, bumpies to my last post, everybody make bank? :)