Bear Market now ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by palden, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. palden


    After reading some books and poking around, this may be the most important single factor before investing :- The state of of the market.

    There's doesn't seems to be any 'very obvious' sites analyzing straight-off for the investors which stage of the overall market we are in now.

    Imho, it seems we may be in the 3/4 stage of a bull market OR the market is on 'shaky grounds' now and all it it takes is one downfall to trigger a domino. ( see

    Which stage of the bull or bear market do you think it's in now?

    Is everyone in an euphoric state of bullish buying and 'people of average means become fantastically wealthy, all while barely trying' ?
    Perhaps this is a futile question itself because nobody likes to admit that ?

    appreciate your thoughts...
  2. thanks.
  3. DTM


    Dow looks like its heading for a big correction on the monthly charts. Won't be suprised if it hits 9000.

    Oil could be the trigger because it still looks strong and will hit $70 soon and in my opinion, wont stop there. Dows trying to go up but its movements are very weak. The PPT has only made things worse and have kept things artificially high. This could exagerate the fall.

    Just my opinion.