Bear Market is over

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  1. That's all she wrote folks. Bear market in stocks is over.
  2. Dow surging off lows...10550..75 points off the bottom and with 60 more minutes of trading

    Looks like the bill wasn't passed though the house. When it does we will probably rally. The senate was already priced in, but he house isn't.
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    Hahaha the bear market is just beginning.

    Dow 10k then eventually 9K....
  5. this mkt sucks big time.

    all members of congress should be tried by a special tribunal and then shot.
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    Over again?
  7. the bill hasn't yet passed in the house. The senate was a shoe-in which is why the markets didn't rally on the news. The house vote will be closer and more impact-full on stocks.

    Amero currency coming?
  8. Hey Stock_Trad3r -

    Several months ago, you were the permabull preaching that stocks would never decline again. Obviously, you had your head handed to you.

    What's your perspective now?
  9. The markets are currenlty pricing in the bailout being passed and it aint pretty...stockturder you have proven yourself to be an imbecile over and over and over again please promptly go stick your head in an oven and set it to broil

  10. i want to clarify the statement. the bear market is over for this economic cycle. unemployment will peak at 7. recession will subside, a new bull has already started and will be realized a year later. 4 or 5 years after that, things will start to get ugly again.
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