Bear Market Ahead

Discussion in 'Trading' started by POSK, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. POSK


    7th inning of a bull market
    high oil prices
    high gas prices
    speculative mortgage market
    additional interest rate hikes ahead

    whats going to hold this market up?
  2. had to come.

  3. The trillions of $$$s they have printed over
    the last few years, thats wot.
  4. Almost the exact ST bottom, thanks, man.
  5. POSK


    throw in a cold winter and inflated natural gas prices will cripple the consumer.

    buy gas reserves
    buy coal
    short consumers
  6. Now ...
    .. the REAL interesting thing is how the re-insurers will be dealing with this.

    Terrorism, wars, destruction - it takes a hefty toll on reinsurer's no-longer-so-deep pockets. Luckily, it all comes back in form of more expensive services, products for consumers - as well as nice tax-hikes on income, services. What goes around, comes around.

    Last year the talk was about how reinsurers could not take a bad hurricane season - but the alarm-sirens are silent for now. But that's my first concern - and with ever rising consumer debt-levels it's a sneaky long-lasting effect.
  7. Keep that in the back of your head. Your time will come.

    But 'till then, trade what you see, not what you wish.

    And always trade with a stop loss you've determined before your entry price - the best losers in the short run are the long term winners.

  8. The Wall of Worry that you have just described above.
  9. empee


    monster short interest. Markets don't fall with high Short interest, they wait to exact the most pain to the most people possible.

    Longs know that holding short is a negative game (dividends, etc) so all longs gotta do is hold it sideways and the shorts squeeze us to new highs on their own backs.