Bear Demolition Market 2005

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  1. Dont you guys agree?
  2. amazing firework show.
  3. you cant nor should you ever short the US market. it just doesnt work.

    DON'T DO IT!
  4. Funny market. Reasons to buy every dip:

    1.) low inflation

    2.) low interest rates (long end)

    3.) tons of cash on the sidelines (from home equity)

    4.) traders taking the short side.
  5. You're kidding right?
  6. Thank you James Cramer!!!!

    I love free money$$$$$

    Congrats to Cramer on "calling the massive tech rally"

    he "told you to buy tech"..."back up the truck...beeep....beeep"

    oh man...... Bear BBQ smells deelishous!!

    oh yeah.. and..

    "NO FEAR"
  7. "NO FEAR"

    LMAO :p

    the last guy who said "no fear" in reference to the markets is lying in some unmarked trader grave! :eek:


    p.s. two of the best traders I know, one in bonds and another in futures used to ask me years ago why I had so little fear of the markets... and I used to make up explanations and rationalizations how overtrading and large positions demonstrated machismo and courage... on my part, so to speak...

    ... well in hindsight they were right on... you can be confident as hell, but always remember to have healthy and rational fear with respect to the power of the markets.
  8. Mvic


    There is a saying that there are old sailors, and bold sailors, but not many old bold sailors. The same applies to traders and longevity in the markets.
  9. OMIGOSH...
    Cramer has got to be the LUCKIEST TRADER in the world to have started his show just 2 months before 4 year highs are hit in the S&P 500.

    and total LUCK.
  10. Cramer, yeah, he gets lucky. 50 years of luck so far. Too bad you're not lucky.

    And never will be.
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