Bear Capital Fund (BCF) does not respond anymore.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by e-mini_wannabe, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    I traded through BCF for some time without any problems. But since I try to close my account and to withdraw my money I dont get any response at all.

    Anybody else having problems with them?
    Any BCF official here who can help me to solve this problem?

    thx a lot
  2. whattt????
    They fled with the money????
  3. teck


    Hey,....a freind was with them and got the same treatment , this is common with some prop firms you sometimes dont find out whos who till you try to get a payout or capital returned . These people dont ever expect to have to pay traders because the failure rate is so high .I was in the same situation with HLV and eventually lost my money ,lucky i didnt give them that much so i ate the loss and wrote it off to experience . They have changed names and sometimes have a couple names . IM not in the U.S. but you have the S.E.C. to threaten them with and the possibility of gettin a Lawyer to write a letter...also Underground Trader is pushin them as an internation firm for their traders ...unreal i already knew about them or i may have been interested....anyway good luck..
  4. I reached them via phone today and they told me that my account will be closed by tomorrow and that they will send the money back.

    So it seems everything will be all right.

    I will keep this thread up to date so everybody knows whats the deal here.
  5. BCF is reputable and should not be discussed in the same sentence as HLV. I have 2 friends that have worked there for years with no issues. Paid on time and help is a phone call or skype message away at all times.
  6. I also was contacted through the group leader today via e-mail and from an official of BCF per PM.
    It seems that some kind of misunderstandings happened and everything will work out fine.

    Like I mentioned above I will keep this updated so everybody knows whats the deal and that I will not put a bad repuatation on anybody who does not deserve it.
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    Great ,glad everything worked out!
  8. If this is not resolved - please skype, email or call me. I am in the office everyday.