Beans !

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  1. here is what those silly soybean traders are smoking today

    guys .... keep selling your market lower

    it makes no macro sense dudes

    or should I say mr bot ?

  2. sold 1 soybeans last night and netted 4 points for $200.00!!!
  3. cool trade man

    now one day try old crop new crop bean spread

    thats a way to riches or the poorhouse fast

    wow ,,, the same BOT selling beans today must buying cocoa

    what a stupid bot

  4. I'm a bean bot here...spreads are just adjusting...guys coming back in doing the 2 corn over 1 bean, and have been getting some wheat over bean too the past few days....
  5. sell em, watch h/k and n/x. Both are massive shorts imo
  6. I am long 1 Corn @ 3.1800 w/ target of 3.1500...should I hold?
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