Beans out of the teens ?

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  1. 1340 looms large - that's a June 2010 support level.

    Will beans start to follow all other commodities down in this upcoming "whiff of deflation" that appears imminent ?
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    ask yourself this question. will we stop eating beans? will we stop making beans oil?

    now go figure

    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!

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  3. That has nothing to do with the bean price analysis.
    Beans previously were in the 8 to 12 range, that's all.
    So at that time (2007,2008), they were fairly priced.
    Are they fairly priced now ?
    Technically, one could look at recent price action as forming a head and shoulders pattern.

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    we can admit that there's too much weather premium in the ag prices and nobody can really predict weather.Just keep an open mind and be ready to react, rather to predict.
  6. I respected his opinion, and by-the-way, his response had nothing to do with grain price analysis. Everyone could see that.
    Your rambling response indicates you've got some sort of vendetta against me then ?
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    Sorry, I think you are way off-base here.
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