Beans in the teens

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  1. Soybeans have momentum right now keep your eye on beans.
  2. Man I am liking these soy beans, the spread is tight they are electronic and trend very well. The margin requirements are alot less the the index futures. One cent move equals $50. Lets see how this holds up I am just glad to have something to trade other than the index futures.
  3. That previous snap shot did not do justice to my spread claim, this on does now that we are now trading.
  4. AS a reaction to the high prices of wheat and corn and the potential overplanting of these crops, while less acres soybeans are being planted, it is possible, expected, that soybean prices rise.
  5. What about ethanol and bio diesel? beans=bio diesel.
  6. bunkinc


    May I inquire as to which charting software/feed those snapshots are taken from?

  7. No problem.
  8. I sort of like what youve done with the stochastic display, is that just to keep you focused on price in those areas?
  9. Go beans! yeeee haww. Buy the dips folks
  10. Dang their is some big prints going on here 155 @617

    Im telling you guys this is the place to be
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