Bean Seasonals

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  1. Bean Seasonals
    SoyBeans are also moving right along this season. Each contract is worth
    5,000 bushels. Anyone out there have any experience trading "SoyBean Seasonal Calendar spreads?"

    6/9 Beans has had profits in every single one of the last 15 years. Now
    sixteen consecutive years. Margin at the time of this trade was $473 per spread. Profits are up over $1,800.00 per spread during the Seasonal Window. Can you see how far away we had to keep our stops to catch this year’s Seasonal trend?

    Again, the big profits are in the
    long-term trend.
  2. Cycle bottom due Monday in Beans.
    The Seasonal Window opening Monday on this soybean spread has been profitable 17 out of the last 18 years.

    Even though it can be taken as a new trade. 7/18 Beans can also be called a pyramid because it averages up currently profitable WSC! Bean trades ending in mid-July.

    This SoyBean spread chart will probably change in 18 hours.