Be very careful with your ATM cards

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  1. Without going into personal experience, there seem to be some major frauds going on lately regarding ATM scams. Not minor, mind you, but in the tens of millions of dollars kind of scams.

    And I've noticed several news sites seem to be corroborating increasing frequency of such schemes going on worldwide. If the banks can't seem to control this type of activity, that does not bode well at all.

    This is no joke, and represents a major risk to everyone.
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    No I don't think so.

    The real danger is CNN and other major media.

    The real danger is ignorance by huge masses, 95% or more.

    Your ATM account won't matter when you start living in fascism that USA is definitely becoming.
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    thanks for the warning. why not post a link on the subject when you start a thread?
  4. I don't don't think you'll find a link regarding the more recent information I was referring to. You'll just have to take my word on that.

    That being said, here's a few related links if you are interested.
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    scams are either the same or variations of previous scams. that is why even info which seems dated is useful. thx for the links.
  6. That cnet article is incredible. You have to hand it to this group - $9MM in 12 hours from 2100 atm's in 280 cities across multiple continents. They did their homework before going into action. They'll probably end up working for banks to make systems more secure like the guy from Catch Me If You Can does today. I think his name is Frank Abigale.

    As for account holders (like you and me) there is no loss. The financial institutions eat it. We all know how fragile our financial institutions are these days hence the necessity of law enforcement to vigorously act on these events.
  7. This stuff has been going on since the 90's but only has been getting more coverage the past few years for some odd reason.

    In fact, I remember I myself talked about this a few years ago here at ET along with a thread about credit card fraud in restaurants. A handful of traders showed up quickly to say it didn't happen, accuse me of trying to scare folks or to say I was being paranoid when I said I would ensure the person I gave my credit card went to the cashier desk and not disappear into some other room with my card or carelessly lay it down somewhere for other patrons to see it. :D

    Simply, those skimmy devices at debit card or credit card point can be installed on bank atms, gas station points, restaurants (hand held or stationary) or hidden underneath clothing et cetera.

    There's other websites like that keeps track of ATM Fraud all over the world.

    Yeah...the gas station near me recently got hit but the thief was caught by an employee as he tried to install the device inside on one of the gas pumps...a thief that was an employee of a company that service (repairs) the ATM devices at gas pumps.

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    Don't use the more portable ATM's like found in Liquor Stores, the owners of them can be fly by nights and can get all the info, or somebody can steal the thing and get all the info as well... use only ones that are hard to get into physically if nothing else...
  9. I say. Give the death penalty a few hundred times for this and the scumbags will be sending their little bastards to GUARD atm's, not steal from them.

    No will to stop crime = more crime.

  10. Are you sure about that? Unless there has been passage of a new law, debit card theft is not protected as well as credit cards theft:
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