Be scared Thursday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. WTF? Futures are down 64

    Can we please crash today? Nah, it will just reverse...
  2. empee


    usdollar ralling again v yen potential reversal piercing 120
  3. Awesome, we need a stronger dollar.

    look at it drop
  5. empee


    see, the problem was there weren't enough black <pick ur day here> posts. Now we get pain. Hopefully we see some today so we know its a short term bottom :)
  6. Bears may come out of hibernation. I have a shitload of DXD I am down on so let me be happy for these rare days.:)
  7. empee


    nice :) the good news for you its on no news that we're seeing this drop so its probably more 'real' than just panic. Of course, the prognosticators will blame it on something in hindsight... but to see it move like this for "no reason" is a good sign if you've got your bear suit on!
  8. be back to flat in no time
  9. no reason you must be stupid.

    credit spreads are widening like never before.

    subprime spreads are at record highs.

    emerging markets spreads have widened as well.

    nothing going on.

    wake up.
  10. Dow future is down 100 points at the moment
    #10     Jul 26, 2007