Be Scared of Monday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. How do you think the Chinese are going to react to the interest rate increase? I expect some negative reaction but don't know to what magnitude.
  2. Yeah so head for the hills because the interest rate went up .26 bps but GDP is above 12%. I agree sell everything across the globe, China is out of control and is about to tank into the '08 Olympics.
  3. if the rate hike were so bad the chinese market would have sold off yesterday.
  4. happened after the market closed i think twinky. no?
  5. Correct, happened after close.
  6. oh but since it was expected it won't be that bad

    maybe a 1% selloff
  7. Don't be so sure......
  8. what inerest rate increase?...seriously...FED did not raise it...who did?
  9. China bro, China. :D
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