Be Quick Be Agile Be Smart When Shorting The Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EdgeHunter, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Here is a short instructional video clip of what kind of skill it takes to short a raging bull market...
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    Nice Video. I learned a lot from it.

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    LOL :D

  4. Don't laugh, I actually thought it was quite good.
  5. Do you have others?
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    I think I found the video OP meant to post (you only need to listen to the 1st 15 seconds or so):

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  7. I appreciate your appreciation for this Video...

    The production, work, cost, energy and sweat making it was truly mind boogling...

    tanks to my Ma, Pa, Sister Sue and Dog Ralph...

    if you watch it twice you can clearly see Bernanke flash a couple of times... really amazing a Fed guy would do that...

    anyway... hope it gets nominated like my last one...

    oh... I hope you enjoyed the advanced part about the reversal upthrust creating a rising vortex trend line... making for a interesting pattern not seen since the last time it showed up...
  8. Yeah, I think everyone loved the incest and animal play;)
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    You don't need skills to short a raging market! You just need to know what's hot and what's weak. Then apply ones strategy!

    I have shorted the hottest stocks of the day multiple times and made money easily.

    Trade it right and not what you think. It all about the visuals! Price doesn't lie!
  10. Yes, a reversal upthrust pattern can be a daunting factor in the evolution of an anti-trend... Thereby creating havoc with the shorts and weak longs who end up getting squeezed like lemons...

    watch the video or watch it again.. and avoid the deadly vortex pattern trades and your shorts will be safe...

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