Be nice to people before they have a chance to behave badly

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  2. I would like to addend your phrase if you don't mind.

    "Stay in at least a 3:1 positive:negative ratio with all people you are around. People always have a choice to behave badly, but by keeping your relationship with them in a positive balance, you mitigate the probability of poor behavior.

    To get this on policy level, pay at least three times more attention to positive actions and effects than to negative ones.

    Even more broadly stated, put your attention on that which you want to expand."
  3. "Don't reward bad behavior, don't punish good behavior"
  4. One of the best statements I've yet to read on ET.
  5. vinc


    'Be nice to people before they have a chance to behave badly' - doesn't it sound a bit like a threat ??
    hey, Mr Double , how's your doubling coming?? / hope it was nice/ ;)
  6. sounds like tony robbins...

    i bet i could make up some as well.....

    "put emphasis on growing as an individual, striving for passion, and happiness will abound."

    stuff is soo dumb....let me think of a few more...

    "clear your mind, think good thoughts, and the world around you will smile."

    "do not expend energy into your enemies, for they will take your soul and keep you from everlasting happiness."

  7. Never burn a bridge in this business. never.
  8. Cross is my fav attitude in stock trading.

    Seven ( lucky trading number) is how many crossover trades you need to do to double your capital.

    24 to 36 days in total.

    be cross and double.

    When you money velocity on your "owned" stocks falls to the rising level of the money velocity of the stocks on your "Hot" list; GET CROSS and do the swap.

    Its all TA and using the leading indicator of price.
  9. "Always fart downwind."
  10. Do you fly light aircraft?

    Propwash before takeoff piss is important.
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