be humble ... giving back to society

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  1. I am not at the level of the big guns in HF world

    but have been trying to give a little back
    to those in need ... even if it is 50 cents
    handed to a homeless person or an extra
    $1.00 to a taxi driver or waiter ...

    I guess I should focus on the big picture
    do some volunteer work or give to global
    charities I identify with

    was wondering what other ET traders
    do or what their companies do as payback
    for their good fortune ?

  2. I sometimes donate to UNICEF. And have given money to those who really look like they needed a little help at times. Certainly no James Simmons over here but do what I can.

    Karma or cause and consequence
  3. I once donated $1000 to LP Zoo, as I was told I would get a named-plaque in the Lion House. Amazing how many women get into that sort of thing.
  4. Give back any way you can... Its only when you can let go of the ego, and your worldy attachments do you really reap the benfiets of them as they flow in and out of your life freely. THEY CEASE TO CONTROL OR OWN YOU.

    Sit for a few minutes in a quiet chair during the deadzone, and think what it is you like to do.. then take that and share it with others. If you like baseball, maybe go coach a little league baseball team. If you like golf, go teach kids golf. If you don't have the deep pockets to give, go be a voluntary autioneer for a charity event and help them raise money. Thats always fun, you get to party and help a good cause. You could always go do a meals on wheels route. I think the real need though is in americas youth. Today more than ever we need to restore values.

    I'm not talking about right wing left wing strong views imposed, I'm talking basic ideas of right and wrong , coupled with good ethics, and day to day habits. They are going to make their own decisions ultimatly, but its good for yours and their soul to hear some experiences from those that have been down here a little longer, and can offer some insight.


    I volunteer my time. Writing a check to someone is easy. No doubt $$$ is needed for many organizations. But giving of yourself to someone else .. whether it be working with disadvantaged kids, mentoring, literacy help, etc. gives me a lot more feeling of satisfaction than giving someone $$$.
    I don't give anyone shit.
  7. Simply not true. I met my wife because of a good deed I did.
  8. Hence she will punish you in a way you could never imagine. Beware!
  9. lol...a bit jaded are you?
  10. You guys are funny...

    For my part I give happiness and a feel good feeling to all the world....:)
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