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    I have seen ads like the following:

    "Work in the heart of where it all happens. H&R Block Financial Advisors has opportunities for quick, sharp individuals to build careers working on H&R Block Financial Advisors' trading floor. Candidates will begin with an intensive 18-30 month training program and certification process (Series 7, 63, and 55 licensing).

    The responsibilities of an assistant trader include: executing orders, handling trade relays, spotting market trends and monitoring and updating market quotations. Potential candidates should possess a bachelor's degree or prior securities industry experience"

    Sounds like a good approach for somebody who wants to be a trader. Am I missing something?

    Do financial institutions hire and train traders with little experience? How can I make an efficient search to find those institutions?

    I would welcome any feedback.[/]

  2. Go for it.

    Usually "financial advisor" is a sales position, but that one does not sound like it is sales.

    They are going to get plenty of resumes.
  3. H&R Block closed their market making operations. Sad, because it was really the recently purchased Olde Discount operation they shut down and Olde was among the best.

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    Thug_Life I think you are right. Ads like those get a lot of responses.

    chasinfla, you seem very knowledgeable. How did you find that info that fast? Very well organized!!! Can you elaborate in my questions?
  5. agras, I just happened to read that about HR today. All the info I have on it is at the link.

    I interviewed with Olde back in the stone age. For a while I had half an eye on them. Their reputation was that of some very astute traders. I had personal disagreement with their 'business model.'
  6. I worked for olde back in the day. They gave me my start in the industry. I knew virtually nothing, but boy was I allowed to swing!
  7. clean out your mailbox, chasinfl
  8. man..again? ok, im on it. sorry.
  9. I worked in the business. The trading room is one the most difficult areas to get into . Let me put it this way the people who gets the trading jobs usually went to an Ivy League school or have other connections in the company or prior experience.