be greedy when others are fearful be fearful when others are greedy

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  1. maxinger


    Buffet and Euler09 say:
    be greedy when others are fearful be fearful when others are greedy

    maxinger says:
    be calm and alert when others are fearful
    be calm and alert when others are greedy

    greedy and fear are negative emotions.
    you cannot earn money when you have negative emotions.
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    Me and buffet are the best traders in the world.
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    Greed is to me buying/managing a business and have no interest other than selling off the parts to gain something else, real estate, like CEO of Sears Holding. This is pure greed without thinking of all the people going to lose their employment and future with Sears/K-Mart. I don't listen much of retail and what they doing as they seldom come out ahead---I wonder how many going to get home equity loans to buy bitcoin and baby we are near end with that, when exchanges want to get into the act, they always late to the party. Ever watch commercials and several companies start selling their own made up bullshit Gold coins, then you know Gold reached the highs. I check out the magazine area of Barnes and Noble and see how many covers are very bullish and then most are doomed, and I am shorting the doom.

    Remember all, the wealthiest of Americans are not at the highs of the stock markets, it is after several years of being on the bottom and buying up land and some commercial with cash for pennies on the dollar. Market drops, CASH is king and then maybe be greedy on buying up anything and getting people back to work.
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    I’ve met him at lunch in 2013.

    You are not special.
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    hmmmm, spelling buffet without a Capital letter to name, does this make it an "all you can eat" style lunch/dinner? Is this where the 5% of 7 comes in, like Golden Corral, give gal who cleans off table get 5%? Mr. Buffet, would he be labeled a trader? Isn't he more of keep stocks for few years? Of course maybe dealing with options, that could be consider trading, I don't know, am tired.

    So was it Buffet's annual meeting, or in passing, or lucky enough to play bridge with him-I understand he is pretty good at that.
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  6. be greedy when others are fearful be fearful when others are greedy"

    That's good, general, loose trading wisdom to follow or consider -- but always still keep an open mind and don't assume anything. The markets can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
    Just because it moves so/too high, that don't mean it is prime to correct then and there -- and vice versa.

    That's what makes trading so tough, and great, to be able to tame the wild market beast.
    You and your mind and the market is the best drama ever.
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    You are not addressing the correct person,
    I’ve replied once.
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    How about 5% of 18% of $7 in 1/32s in base 8 math while traveling at the speed of light in sea water, backwards, at 619 degrees Rankine?
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    Not sure if I would call it 'greedy' but there are certain market conditions where you have a mass capitulation that prints a multiple bottom spread at least a few weeks apart - I will size up considerably on these setups since they have such insanely skewed reward-to-risk. This is why I am stopped short term trading, it screwed up my swing trading. You miss these hundreds to thousands of points when you major in minors, meaning you treat every day the same when they certainly aren't even if they are few and far between.

    Historically - the big $ is made when everyone is puking out in a full blown panic and you have plenty of purchasing power, some guts, and a plan.
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  10. Buy when they are crying. Sell when they are yelling.
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