Be careful Who you Flame... our you might catch a flame

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Joe, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Joe


  2. Is that a threat????

    Don't screw with Joe!!!

    hehe j/k, funny though, i can just picture some of these wack jobs on ET dancing around in their grandmas panties wiping peanut butter all over themselves and swearing that one day their vengeance will be served


  3. Man atticus pissed me off so much at one point

    but I kind of like him now :D

  4. Why dont we start a thread entitled, "whose house youd like to burn down" and see if any of it comes to fruition.

    LOL j/k i still can not believe tht someone was crazy enough to pull that shit, reminds me of the fight scene off ANCHORMAN, "Boy, that really escalated, i mean that reallllly got out of hand quickly."HAHAHAHA

    new idea, which 2 members would push each other to the point of burning a house down, please respond, with vivid details, id really like to know who everyone thinks is pissed off enough to burn another guys house down.

    My first guess, Stock Trad3r and he would torch damn near anyone on this forum's house, im suspecting he is close to the edge especially with the market down close to 4% this week.

    eqttrdr will supply the gasoline.
  5. Do you have any flame stories of flamers living in moms basement?
  6. I always thought flamers living in trailers were urban legend stuff.
  7. The article didn't say if or how many dogs were killed.
  8. Using fire on a flamer, wonder whose idea that was?