be careful trading commodity ETFs - you'll get a k-1

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by chewbacca, May 8, 2008.

  1. i know uso issues k-1s - so i'm avoiding that etf

    do any other etfs issue k-1s?

    why is the fund set up as a partnership?
  2. What is a K-1? How does that affect my tax situation?

    I just day traded it a few times and i receive something (probably s the K-1), but i ignored it.
  3. Aisone


    I don't do etf's but have thought of it at times...what's a k-1 and what are the ramifications?
  4. if you get a k-1, that means you are a partner in a business and you have to file your taxes a little differently

    nots not that big of a deal but if other commodity etfs follow the same business model then it would suck geting like 5 k-1s

    i wonder if you get a k-1 if you short and cover without ever taking a long position?