Be careful, IB equity with loan and net liq values are wrong

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  1. stevenw


    you can get equity with loan and net liq values in 3 places:
    1) from account window in TWS
    2) before placing an order, use preview order/check margin
    3) when you margin is lower than initial margin requirement, an error message pop up which show you equity with loan value/net liquidation

    You do not know 1) and 2) are wrong until you get 3). At that time, it is too late to get fund.

    IB, please fix this problem

    traders, be careful with these values
  2. Whaaa? How did you catch this, did you calculate out the values? Was it too high, or too low. Where was the error?
  3. stevenw


    DAV from IB, here is how to see the values are different in three places:

    1) open account window from TWS View-tools-Account

    2) on account window, open Balances, you will see net liq value and equity with loan value. leave accout window open.

    3) pick low price stock so that it will not change margin too much. create an order but not send order

    4) right click the order and select preview order/check margin. You can also see net liq value and equity with loan value. And they are different from the account window.

    Here is how to view net liq value from error pop up window:
    1) open demo account

    2)keep making trades until an error message pop up which says you your equitye with loan value is lower than the initial margin requirement. you can use penny stocks to place this order so that margin change will be small.

    3) open account window as above and compare equity with loan adn net liq values are different.
  4. Fab1965


    Very basic question, the IB site says:
    For the Securities segment in a margin account, this is calculated as:
    "Total Cash Value + Stock Value + Bond Value + Fund Value + European & Asian Options Value

    What is the background for US options not being included in this?
    Also I just spoke with customer service of IB and ask whether changes in the Equity with Loan Value could be seen in the What If window. The answer was "make a suggestion to the programmers team". Note that now it is year 2019 this post is from 2010. Is it possible that nobody has brought us the issue so far?