Be Careful Doing Business With Right Line Trading Company

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    I have a problem in this bit...

    "Right Line Trading is not a financial advisory service and therefore...We do not provide Investment Advice in any capacity and therefore visitors or subscribers will assume full liability for all their trading decisions...

    ...Careful consideration of your financial position should be made prior to trading: never risk more than 2% of your account on any trade. "

    If RLT is not a financial advisory service, than how can they advise people what they should or should not do with their account? Isn't that bona-fide financial advice?
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  2. Return his would have gained more in the end returning the money. Reputation and integrity is priceless.
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    This is in reply to Mark
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    To Mark Sachs of Right Line Trading,
    After reading your letter above it becomes crystal clear to me that you and the truth are never in the same room at the same time. My credit card company, VISA refunded my money on 2-9-17. Below is the cut and paste from my credit card statement.

    Other Credits
    02/09 02/09 F5583001800083871 ADJUSTMENT-PURCHASES 1,699.00
    Next you said that I ran past the money back guarantee time. Your software,Transition Zone, was performing poorly. I emailed Rory asking for a refund. Rory offered to extend the refund date to 12-18-16. That email is below.
    Hi Mark,

    Pursuant to our conversation on the phone concerning your time to request a refund, we have extended your refund date to reflect an additional 30 days to make a final decision. You purchased the system on October 18th, 2016. This agreement will extend your refund date to December 18th 2016.

    Right Line Trading

    Your software continued to lose money during the extended refund period so on 12-16-2016 I requested a refund and Rory responded with the email below.

    From: []
    Sent: Friday, December 16, 2016 1:15 PM
    To:xxxxxxxxx <>
    Subject: RE: Status of Refund

    It will not be a problem. We will get you refunded.


    Right Line Trading

    I did some further research on you. According to the internet, Florida newspapers and the State of Florida you
    1. Were arrested for running a pill mill
    2. You went to jail
    3. Paid a huge fine
    4. Lost your doctors license for the state of Florida
    5. Had many bad reviews for doing very shoddy cosmetic surgeries
    I ran across 4 lawsuits you lost for nearly $500,000 prior to your drug arrest.
    That information came from the Miami-Dade Clerk of Court public records under Sachs, Mark K and under document type put in Judgement.

    A business person with a little common sense would have just honored his written word and refunded my money. I would have taken my refund and moved on wishing you the best in a tough business but you needed to be special just like your past history stated above.

    In my opinion you are a very unethical person with a large case of delusion thrown in.
    May you find all of the Karma that you deserve

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  5. Dear Sirs:

    I just got off the phone with the company merchant account.

    At the time of the dispute the money was instantaneously debited from the business account: this is standard practice. It was transferred back into the business account on February 14, after the dispute was arbitrated.

    I will check back into this forum at least two more times. One time to notify everyone at the time ML is served with the lawsuit. A second time to appraise you of the outcome.

    I think this forum has overall excellent content.

    Mark Sachs
    Right Line Trading
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    I waited to respond to the above post from Mark K Sachs of Right line Trading until I had the official notification from Wells Fargo/VISA.
    He has posted several times above about this case and almost the only thing he told the truth about was typing in his name. I received a letter from Wells Fargo today saying I had won my case with VISA against him. There had never been any arbitration as he said above. If there had I would have been a party to that.

    This is my favorite clip of an email Mark Sachs sent me.

    "I am making you a special project of this company.

    After you lose the law suit I am going to garnish your wages, your car and your furniture.

    I will teach you that you cannot interfere, slander and libel a business because you did not get a refund you are not entitled to. We do not roll over in the face of clear-cut written letters of extortion.

    See you in court.
    Mark Sachs
    Right Line Trading

    I am glad he forgot to mention kicking my dog while he was loading up my furniture.

    I will now file a complaint with the CFTC and the BBB.

    These forums can't weed out every scam trading site and pill mill felon out there but it
    does help us compare notes even though we will never meet. That is very valuable.
    Thank you all for your time and good trading.
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    This sort of thing is the sign that the sender is clearly unhinged.

    If you run a business, you don't focus on this sort of thing. You write it off, move on and work on generating business.
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  8. Thankyou to the poster on this thread. I had seen right line auto trading software on youtube and was considering taking a trial. I did some googling and found this forum post on top of the search result. After reading this thread i have changed my mind. One thing is for sure that this sachs guy is an obnoxious jerk who goes out of his way to threaten his customers on a public forum. I second jigsawtrading's observations regarding this unscrupulous tout.
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