Be Careful Doing Business With Right Line Trading Company

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    Be very careful doing business with Right Line Trading, RLT owned by Mark Sachs. They gave the following guarantee which is from their ad copy; "To demonstrate our confidence in the system we are now offering the WEBINAR SPECIAL PACKAGE with a two week, no questions asked, money back guarantee" "We take all the risk and we are 100% confident that you will take all the profit."
    I only signed up because of the guarantee. If their trading software worked, great. If not I got my money back. The cost of their software was $1699. Their technician set it up on my computer and their server sends the trades to automatically run on my computer. The software is called Transition Zone and it lost money so I requested my money back. The owner, Mark Sachs refused to return my money. When I continued to press him for a refund he said quote "If you complain to any organization or demand a refund from Visa I will refer this matter to my attorney to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law". In summary a simple no strings attached guarantee was given. The software wasn't profitable as he claimed. Mark Sachs would not return my money and he threatened to sue if I went to any authorities or agencies. Its up to you to determine if this is the type of person or company you wish to do business with. It is important that traders share experiences, good or bad, about vendors so you can avoid the many software vendors that scam traders and support the few vendors that don't.
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    Why would you even believe a claim like that to be true? If someone had a secret system that made 100% profits why would the sell it for 1699?
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    Oldest trick in the book, if you within 60 days of purchase, send your credit card company whatever says he has a guarantee and send them email saying you tried to get refund and send letter he sent you, and you will get all your money back. He will lose more money just going into his lawyers office to sue you, and he in the wrong anyway.

    Learn the lesson, anything good that is on a software would never be sold, take years to learn how to trade well.

    Says he is a Commodity Trading Advisory, I believe he needs to be registered for advertising this? Am not sure, but you can contact CFTC. Am very sure they would love to know about your situation.

    Many people don't know, but if you get a refund by defending yourself with credit card company, vendor receives a red spot on his account for be flagged, and I believe you can find their history of dealing with others.
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    Yeah screw that guy, he's not gonna sue, sounds like a real POS
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    You have been on ET for 11 years how can you fall for such a thing? Easiest way to get your money back is to have an attorney send him a letter.
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    That is not the easiest way, do what handle says.
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    Yes, do what Handle123 says and file a chargeback with your credit card company.

    He won't sue you because: 1) he has nothing to stand on. 2) it costs more than $1699 to use an attorney to sue somebody.

    It's kind of dumb for him to not just give the refund, since a chrageback will hurt him. I'm sure he just thinks you'll drop it and he can keep the money. I hate dealing with scumbags like that. Thanks for posting so that others can know.
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